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Choosing a supplier is one of the most important tasks for effective operation of the entire company, which in many ways depends on the suppliers doing their job right. The choice of a supplier depends on an assessment of the supplier's ability to meet the criteria for quality, scope, delivery conditions, pricing and maintenance. We present several ideas to help you understand our approach to your business and evaluate the advantages of Charged Energy as your potential supplier.

MANUFACTURERFirst, we'll help you find the most appropriate manufacturers for your project in terms of product cost, quality, performance, and ease of operation and maintenance. This will be major manufacturers with a worldwide reputation who offer only internationally certified products.

TOURSWe organize information tours, plant visits, meetings with executives and production demonstrations to familiarize you with a manufacturer already chosen or during the selection process. We provide visa support, flight and hotel bookings, accompanying and specialized translation. We also offer assistance during visits to industry exhibitions and forums.

EQUIPMENTTogether with your specialists, we'll determine which equipment is best suited for implementing specific phases of your projects. We'll recommend the most appropriate models and familiarize you with innovative technologies and developments on the market. We'll figure out and optimize the operational compatibility of various machinery and equipment as much as possible. This can cut the costs of buying obsolete or already unusable equipment considerably.

MIDDLEMENGoods straight from the plant to you, thus avoiding dishonest middlemen and often swindlers as well, significantly reduces your costs and keeps your money secure! We'll provide direct contracts with the manufacturer, process control and represent your interests. Complete contract support to ensure performance of warranty obligations during and after delivery." class="img-circle image_circle tte

AND LOGISTICSWe'll arrange the best supply routes for standards and non-standard cargo using the most convenient means of transportation, efficient tracking of shipments, and cargo protection during transportation. We'll prevent any mistakes in preparing supporting documents and, what’s important, we'll substantially reduce delivery times!

CLEARANCEUnder Article 2 of the Customs Code of the Customs Union, all goods and means of transport moving across the customs border are subject to customs clearance and control according to the procedure and on the conditions specified by the Customs Code... etc., etc.... This is all well and good! But why should your employees waste their valuable time on learning all this and all these procedures? We'll do everything ourselves! Our specialists will provide expert customs support including: customs clearance formalities, mandatory certification, translation of technical documents, and preparation of a complete package of documents for subsequent registration.

OPTIMIZATIONWe're all aware that in recent years, tax optimization has become increasingly important for your Company's daily business. Taxes can be optimized not only by reducing tax payments, but also by their legality and absence of adverse effects, both for the tax authorities and the company's owner. We'll give you professional advice on tax optimization during exporting and importing. We'll determine the appropriate Commodity Classification of Foreign Economic Activity (CC FEA) codes, arrange customs clearance formalities by the "VAT offset" method, and other generally unknown options. Don't pay more than required by law! This will cut your costs significantly!

TRANSITBy now, you're surely familiar with general geography of our activities provided on the website's home page. Today, with the revival of the Great Silk Road, communication and trade flows with various countries are becoming even faster and more convenient. Kazakhstan is the central part of this route, making it even easier for us to supply any equipment and specialty vehicles to countries of the Customs Union, CIS and other countries through Kazakhstan, along with preparation of supporting documents.

COMMISSIONING Contracts have been concluded. High-quality vehicles and equipment have been supplied on time! Our certified specialists will perform pre-run servicing, commissioning, and tracking of the operation of all systems, parts and assemblies, which significantly reduces your costs and saves time. Everything works, everything is fine!

TRAININGI had a GAZelle, now I want to operate a truck crane... This happens, unfortunately. Today, very little time is allotted to training for jobs like crane operator, or bulldozer and excavator operators. And experienced specialists can't always keep up with and study the innovations and technical advances of modern equipment. The result is a lot of abnormal breakdowns. In these situations, our Company's highly trained professionals will help your employees learn how to handle and operate new equipment properly, and they will always be happy to help solve operation and maintenance problems. Training courses will be organized right at the manufacturing plants if necessary.

AND SPARE PARTSWe have the capability and professional base to provide high-quality warranty and post-warranty support services using original spare parts from the manufacturer. Our specialists have been trained at our Partners' largest plants and can perform repairs of any complexity, both at our Service Centers or at the facilities where the broken-down equipment is located. Engineers from several plants are always in Kazakhstan and can respond quickly to requests from your mechanics, which significantly speeds up troubleshooting and repairs.

BONUSESA flexible approach to pricing. Cumulative bonuses, favorable terms, and more... Above all, we want to assure you that you won't simply be dealing with call center operators, but with skilled managers, engineers, lawyers and directors who have graduated from universities and colleges in Kazakhstan, Russia and China and who have vast experience in supply of specialty vehicles and equipment for large industrial projects in these and other countries. You'll be dealing with manufacturers with a future! We'll work to increase your Profit and Prosperity! The BENEFIT for us isn't one-off contracts, but your good relationship with us and your CHARGED ENERGY for long-term, mutually beneficial partnership!




Your request has been successfully sent!

Звоните нам бесплатно из любой точки Казахстан 8 800 080 7117

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